AUTOPLAST manufactures special packaging products in very large range. Packaged or unpackaged products are transported by these systems. You can use them in heavy industrial areas or smaller trade business.
The strongest specific of plastic is getting powerful protection. Also, the systems are reusable and printable. Due to it has got impact resistance, containers and packaging systems are strong. AUTOPLAST container is an ideal cubic meter bin that which incorporates a board liner with thermoformed plastic pallet base and lid.
Bulk bin material handling systems can be designed to suit customer needs.

Special advantages;
– Design a customized automatic lock bottom box that meets your dimensional, load and stacking requirements.
– Produce samples of the box to test under existing operating conditions.
– Perform cost analysis for existing purchase patterns and savings analysis from conversion.
– Generate an optimization box quantity analysis.
– Develop custom finance programs to meet your budgeting requirements.

Corrugated plastic separators have advantages for manufacturers in textile sector. They are used for packing as bobbin gap separators at the same time they keep products in safe during their transportation. As they are durable and light, they can be used many times.
ESD (electro static discharge) is a twin walled corrugated sheet manufactured from polypropylene impact copolymer. This ESD sheet is unique due to the incorporation of a special grade of carbon black in the polymer matrix during production. This significantly changes the electrical characteristics of the sheet.
Generally, they can be used where there is an electrostatic dangers.
Besides, the box that is made from ESD polypropylene sheet, can be printed as you wish.
Integrating at special grade during the production of black carbon at plural main form causes ESD technology to be unique. This important variation changes the electrical character of the sheet.


The handling cartons from Auto Blast are easy to disassemble and assemble. They are also lightweight and resistant to moisture, water, chemical reactions, severe weather and shocks

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