About us

Auto Plast

Al Alamiah for Auto Plastic (Auto Plast) is a manufacturer of corrugated plastic boxes, sheets and sections. Custom packaging solutions and product trading related to sustainable development and auto feeder parts. The main customers of Auto Plast are from electronic companies, car companies and signage industries.

“The International Automobile Plastic Company – Autoplast” is one of the leading industrial companies in the manufacture of transformed plastic products, which has achieved impressive successes in the field of specialized engineering plastics. Since its establishment, the “International Auto Plastic Company – Autoplast” has relied on innovative engineering technologies and specialized expertise to provide the best products to its customers at competitive prices.

We are honored to deal with major companies in all fields, for example: Gabor Otto , Coca-Cola , Electro Lux , Toshiba , Union Air , Goldi Siro Egypt , United Pharmaceuticals Saboer National Poultry Taiba and Shafar For General Contracting Qandil Steel and Major Real Estate Contracting Companies.